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A specialty grocery store tailored to the taste’s of the Warehouse district.

Locally owned and operated out of 70130!


We’re Beau and Nicholas Nesbit, owners of Renovation Space, Nesbit [clesi] Realtors and condo units in the warehouse district.  Since 2001 we have been serving this community. Over the years we have heard so many times how badly the warehouse district needed a grocery store–so we decided to do something about it.

Location and hours of operation

Open Daily M-F 8am-10pm S-S 9am-10pm


925 Poeyfarre Street

New Orleans, LA 70130, USA

(504) 522.5252

Open Monday-Friday 8am-10pm

Saturday and Sunday 9am-10pm

Serving Lunch 11:30am-2pm M-F


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